Spring/Summer Beauty Trends by Shiseido Spa & Beauty District

17 April 2018

Tuesday 17th of April | 7 PM | Stejarii Ballroom IV

The warm days of spring awake the desire for a change of style and, for sure, a fresh look to impress. We invite you to join us in a fascinating incursion through the universe of beauty, where you will discover this spring’s freshest trends and the newest launched products and treatments, together with Shiseido Spa and Beauty District specialists.

During the event, Shiseido Spa’s specialists will guide your journey into Shiseido’s world and will reveal the latest products and therapies from Shiseido Spa (LPG Alliance, permanent hair removal with Eneka 1200 Laser and the new Shiseido cosmetics). You will also meet our Beauty District specialists, Alexandru Abagiu and Sorin Stratulat, who will inspire you with all-new hair, makeup and nail trends.

Registrations at Shiseido Spa Reception: +40 744 332 286.

Partners:  MoetChocolissimo si Domeniul Dragasi.


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