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Our website uses Cookies in order to enable that your browsing be at suitable visual and technical parameters, in order to customize your browsing, the provided content and advertisements, in order to provide you with access to the social platforms and in order to analyse the traffic. Moreover, we provide our partners with information on how you use our website. They may combine them with other information provided by you or collected after having used their services.

You may find further details going over the below information and you may give your consent in order to use all or a part of the Cookies or you may opt for continuing to browse only with the running of the cookies absolutely required for the optimum operation of the website.

You may go back on your option.


A  Cookie is a small alpha-numeric archive stored on the hard disk or in the browser of the device used for browsing the Internet (computer, tablet, smartphone or similar device).

The cookies are not viruses. They use plain-text formats. They are not made up of source-code pieces, therefore they cannot be executed, nor they may run by themselves.

The cookies enable us to offer relevant information on our products and services and provide you with a more friendly experience, according to your preferences and interests while browsing our website. None of our Cookies stores personal information such as your name or postal address.

The data collected through Cookies are encrypted so that they render impossible the access of the unauthorised persons to them.


  1. In order to provide content and services according to the user’s preferences
  2. In order to help user browse more easily (for example, the log-in credentials, the language preferences are retained).
  3. In order to retain the configuration of the copy protection filters related to the Internet content (family mode options, safe search functions).
  4. In order to limit the frequency of broadcast for the advertisements – to limit the displays of an advertisement for a certain user on a website.
  5. In order to provide more relevant advertising to the user.
  6. In order to measure and optimize the traffic (for instance, the confirmation of a certain level of traffic on a website, what type of content is viewed, how a user gets to a website – for example, search engines, directly, from other websites, etc.).


The Cookies Modules on our website are as follows:

The Strictly Necessary Cookies Module providing functions without which the optimum use of this website is not possible and providing, among others, that when you access the website functionalities, you may view a version of the website  with a broadband connection proper to that of the Internet connection you are using. Therewith, this cookie module provides that if you change the pages, the change function from http to https is  always complied with. Last but not least, the strictly necessary Cookies help us store your decision on the use of cookie modules on our website.

The Statistics Cookies Module help us collect information related to how you interact with our website in order to improve our services and the provided content, so that we provide with you a relevant and optimised experience.

The Marketing Cookies Module collects information in relation to the use of the social media networks, in order to understand what kind of information you are interested in so that you would receive only relevant information, according to your personal preferences and interests.

For further information and in order to render you options on the said issues, please read the section dedicated to each one of the said type of Cookies.


The Cookies are administered by web-servers. The lifetime of a Cookie may vary significantly, according to the purpose for which it is placed.

Consequently, there are the so-called session cookies (Cookies for sessions), which are used for a sole session and which collect and store data only while the user is visiting the website, as well as the  persistent or permanent Cookies, which remain stored in a device and they are retained and reused each time the user comes back to the website, for a certain determined period of time communicated from the very beginning or until the user deletes it.

Please keep in mind that the Cookies may be deleted by user at any time by means of the browser settings. For further details, please read the below paragraphs related to  HOW THE COOKIES ARE ACTIVATED, DEACTIVATED OR DELETED.


You may change the settings of the cookie modules either by revising the detailed sections related to each type of cookies presented on this page, or by means of  your Internet browser settings.

Please keep in mind that the refusal or deactivation of the Cookies may render some websites impracticable or difficult to visit and use. For instance, the blocking of the Cookies will require that you change your user settings every time you visit the website. Moreover, if you delete the cookies, you must change your settings next time you visit the website. Therewith, the refusal or deactivation of the Cookies does not mean that you do not receive online advertising anymore, but it will not take into consideration the user’s preferences and interests, rendered by his/her online conduct.

You may set from the browser that no Cookie be accepted anymore or you may set the browser to accept cookies from a certain website.

All the modern browsers provide you with the opportunity to change the Cookie setting. Such settings may be usually found in the  „options”, „instruments” or „preferences” menu of your internet browser. Therewith, you may access “Help” menu of your browser in order to find further details on the mechanisms of activation/ deactivation/ deletion of the Cookie modules.

Further information on the modes of management, deactivation and deletion of the cookies by means of the Internet browser settings are available at the following   adresses:

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For further information on us and the general principles we implement in the personal data processing as well as on your rights in connection therewith, please read the  Confidentiality Policy.

You may also contact the Data Protection Officer at