When children learn to play golf they actually learn lessons about life. Not only will they assimilate the discipline of patience and good manners, but in order to become better at “the sport of the elites,” children will have to learn to focus and disciplinate themselves.

The Stejarii Country Club Golf School uses the exclusive M3® teaching method that provides private lessons and lessons for children in order to achieve a high level of performance. The driving range also features putting green, for practicing decisive strikes in a unique way and areas with obstacles for practicing the long and short stroke.

Why choosing golf

1.Personality development

Golf is the game that teaches the little ones to master their emotions, to play fair, to understand the importance of positive thinking, to think in perspective, but also in detail, and last but not least, to focus on their goal so that the ball finds always the way to the cup.

2.Spend time outside while socialising

Golf is the sport that provides children the opportunity to spend time in the middle of nature without the risk of physical injury while improving the strength of the central muscles that support the backbone. At the same time, the bay is an excellent opportunity to meet other golf-loving children to share interesting discussions, but also a chance to practice different kind of strikes alongside other family members.

3.Children learn the meaning of responsibility

The golf game counts on integrity, being known for its standardized international rules. Kids have to respect aspects such as generic safety measures, fairness, pace of play, but also the responsibility not to cause damage to the playing field and not to move the ball from where it has arrived. Those elements have a positive impact on the children lives beyond the golf classes, helping them to make it easier at school, at home and during their daily interactions with others.

4.Stimulation of concentration capacity

Golf games have as main objective stimulating concentration and attention to details. During each shot, kids have to take into account a wide variety of factors such as distance, temperature, wind, orientation, but also the type of strike they will use.

About Stejarii Country Club Golf Driving Range

1.We invite you to the driving range to learn and practice basic strokes with a professional instructor

2.Exercise intensively before participating in national or international golf to improve your game technique

3.Spend enjoyable time with your family or business partners

4.Discover our Handicap card golf package, which consists of 10 intensive golf lessons (50 minutes / session), with our certified TPI certified instructor and one day certification on our 9 hole golf course partner in Breaza, lunch included.

The opening hours are:

Monday: 14:00 – 18:30

Tuesday- Sunday: 10:00 – 18:30

Discover our virtual tour!

Use the virtual tour below to discover the pleasant atmosphere in the golf area of Stejarii Country Club!

*All prices include VAT.

**Payment to be made in RON at the BNR exchange rate of the invoice date.

Service Number of sessions Availability Prices for members Prices for nonmembers
School programs (groups for ages 7-14) 10 lessons (55') (min 3 - max 6 participants)
3 months
480 RON
600 RON
Kids membership 2018 1 month
1 quarter
1 season
1 month
1 quarter
1 season
200 RON
440 RON
800 RON
250 RON
550 RON
1100 RON
Ball & Clubs* All you can hit (Driving Range), 1 session (90')
All you can hit (Putting Green), 1 session (60')
1 time
1 time
72 RON
72 RON
90 RON
90 RON


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