Golf is a sport dedicated to people who want to develop their strategic thinking and precision. Golfing offers a stimulating mental challenge and keeps you in shape while enjoying the fresh air of Baneasa Forest. Although it can not be considered a very physically demanding sport, but a golf game means spending time outdoors and using analytical thinking to cope with the strategic challenges you face. Studies have shown that playing golf relaxes the body, reduces stress and has a central role in eliminating anxiety. In addition, exposure to sunlight during golf classes allows the body to easily assimilate vitamin D from the sun to ensure the health of the bone system, but also to reduce the risk of depression and heart disease.

Stejarii Country Club Golf Driving Range is waiting for you to discover the rules and secrets of golf in the middle of a picturesque landscape: Băneasa Forest! The Driving Range features putting green area, to practice your decisive blow in a unique way, and obstacle areas to practice long and short strokes. Santiago Munoz, our PGA Golf Professional & TPI certified golf instructor, will guide you through private lessons, so that regardless of your age or game level, you will be able to meet the highest performance standards, whether it be about a professional competition or just a friendly match with friends.

Our Pro Shop consists of a wide range of golf products that will allow you to enhance your golf game and experience.

Driving Range Facilities: The range has 20 slots with mats for long game, 8 slots with mats for short game, and it also has chipping area from grass (800 sqm), practice bunkers and putting green (USGA Specifications).

About Stejarii Country Club Golf Driving Range

1.We invite you to the Driving Range to learn and practice basic strokes with a professional instructor

2.Exercise intensively before participating in national or international golf to improve your game technique

3.Spend enjoyable time with your family or business partners

4.Discover our Handicap card golf package, which consists of 10 intensive golf lessons (50 minutes / session), with our certified TPI certified instructor and one day certification on our 9 hole golf course partner in Breaza, lunch included.


1.Golf balls were originally made of wood

Here’s a fun fact: some of the first golf balls have been made entirely of hard wood, such as beech or oak. These types of balls appeared during the 14th century and were used until the 17th century. Of course, a typical wooden golf ball could be used only a few games before being replaced.

2.Golf helps you burn calories!

Although it is considered a fairly static sport, golf games help you burn up to 430 calories per hour while developing your muscular mass.

3.Golf was played on the Moon!

Golf is one of the two sports that have been played on the moon, alongside the lance throwing game. In 1967, Alan Bartlett used a golf putter to send a golf ball straight into the atmosphere!

Discover our virtual tour!

Use the virtual tour below to discover the pleasant atmosphere in the golf area of Stejarii Country Club!

*All prices include VAT.

**Payment to be made in RON at the BNR exchange rate of the invoice date.

Service Number of sessions Availability Prices for members Prices for nonmembers
Ball & Clubs* All you can hit (Driving Range), 1 session (90')
* Includes unlimited balls and golf clubs. Reservation of slots 10 lei. Prices include VAT.
**Putting Green training access included.All you can hit (Driving Range), 1 session (90')
All you can hit (Putting Green), 1 session (60')
* Includes unlimited balls and golf clubs. Reservation of slots 10 lei. Prices include VAT.
**Driving Range kickball included.All you can hit (Putting Green), 1 session (60')
1 time
1 time
72 lei
72 lei
90 lei
90 lei
Private individual lesson 1 lesson (50')
5 lessons (50')
1 time
2 months
160 lei
720 lei
200 lei
900 lei
Private group lessons, 2 participants 1 lesson (50')
5 lessons (50')
1 time
2 months
240 lei
960 lei
300 lei
1200 lei
Membership prices 2017 1 month
1 quarter
Full season
1 month
1 quarter
1 quarter
400 lei
880 lei
1800 lei
500 lei
1100 lei
2200 lei
FAMILY MEMBERSHIPS PRICES 2017 Full season Family implies a couple (children not included)
3200 lei
3700 lei
HANDICAP CARD GOLF PACKAGE The package consists of: 10 intensive golf lessons (50 min/each) with our TPI Certified Golf Instructor, and one day certification on our 9 hole golf course partner in Breaza, lunch included.
3 months
1750 lei
2200 lei





Santiago is from Spain and is a PGA Professional Golfer since 2002. He has worked for some of the best golf clubs in Spain, including Valderrama or San Roque. Santiago is a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Instructor, among other high qualification skills. He has the knowledge of standard techniques of teaching the game, the swing, and etiquette, and will bring to the school the finest care, commitment to quality and service. 

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