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Reshape your body for summer with the latest weight loss technology from Shiseido Spa!

From March to August, Shiseido Spa helps you get the perfect body for the warm season with two sets of special packages for both ladies and gentlemen! Mixing Shiseido Spa signature massages with the latest body remodelling technologies, the Spring-Summer packages provide visible results, in line with your specific goals (eliminating excessive fat and cellulite, toning, etc.)

Get Ready for Summer!

(for women)

PACKAGE I (2.650 LEI) | 5 LPG Alliance sessions + 5 Hip, Leg and Thigh Sculpt massages
PACKAGE II (2.610 LEI) | 3 cryotherapy simple sessions (one area) + 6 LPG Alliance sessions
PACKAGE III (3.270 LEI) | 3 cryotherapy double sessions (two areas) + 6 LPG Alliance sessions
PACKAGE IV (3.290 LEI) | Lymphatic Drainage 9 + 1
PACKAGE V (2.900 LEI) | Body Sculpting 9 + 1
*Members of Stejarii Country Club and Shiseido Spa benefit from a 20% discount for packages IV and V.
**Packages validity: 3 months

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Fight for natural beauty with LPG Alliance!

Discover the newest endermologie treatment with LPG Alliance at Shiseido Spa! LPG Alliance is the only non-invasive technique of mechanical stimulation of the skin that reactivates natural cellular metabolism. Thanks to the new Alliance Skin Identity sensor that automatically identifies the level of skin damage, the software will accurately indicate what moves should be made and at what level of intensity.

Try the new LPG which eliminates the resistant and localized fat, reduces the appearance of the orange peel and provides wrinkle reduction due to the natural stimulation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid levels. Studies have shown that after only 3 sessions, 71% of women have experienced an improvement in skin firmness and 67% of them in smoothing cellulite. After 12 sessions, the waist is reduced by 5.2 cm.

*Prices valid from Monday to Friday, excluding legal holidays. **Prices valid during weekends and legal holidays.


1 session - 35 minutes - 350 lei*/ 385 lei**
5 sessions - 35 minutes - 1650 lei*/ 1650 lei**
10 sessions - 35 minutes - 3050 lei*/ 3050 lei**

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Permanent hair removal with Eneka 1200 is the most efficient method to remove the unwanted hair on your arms, legs and face! This is the newest service at Shiseido Spa, that ensures complete destruction of the hair root up to 8-9 sessions and this is recommended for all skin and hair types without side effects. Eneka’s cooling system with air and water minimizes the pain and leaves the skin smooth and soft. We invite you at Shiseido Spa to enjoy the most advanced technology in hair removal!

*Prices valid from Monday to Friday, excluding legal holidays. **Prices valid during weekends and legal holidays.


Chin (5 min) 165 LEI* |180 LEI**
Full Face (15 min) 440 LEI* | 485 LEI**
Upper lip (5 min) 165 LEI* | 180 LEI**
Sideburns (10 min) 165 LEI* |180 LEI**
Arms (20 min) 715 LEI* | 785 LEI**
Half arms (20 min) 440 LEI* | 485 LEI
Underarm (15 min) 275 LEI* | 305 LEI**
Chest (20 min) 715 LEI* | 785 LEI**
Full back (30 min) 990 LEI* | 1090 LEI**
Abs (15 min) 550 LEI* | 605 LEI**
Half Abs (10 min) 330 LEI* | 365 LEI**
Bikini line (10 min) 275 LEI* | 305 LEI**
Total Bikini (30 min) 440 LEI* | 485 LEI**
Full legs (30 min) 1045 LEI* | 1150 LEI**
Half legs (20 min) 605 LEI* | 665 LEI**
Neck (10 min) 275 LEI* | 305 LEI**
Buttock 440 LEI* | 485 LEI**

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Stimulate all the senses and experience the ultimate skincare with Future Solution LX, the most performant range from Shiseido. Enjoy a unique encounter where luxury and beauty are fused in a complete and sensory ritual.

See: Discover the exclusively created Ojyu box and the newly designed Future Solution LX products packages.

Hear: Created exclusively for YUTAKA the Omotenashi Sound has been composed to follow the sound of the streams recorded at Mount Koya, and ”Shakuhachi, a traditional Japanese flute passed on from ancient times”.

Smell: The gentle and relaxing fragrance of the Future Solution LX skincare is now used in a room and linen fragrance to delicately fragrance the Future Solution environment, bed linen and steamed towels. The hamanasu rose, the plum and the cherry blossom fragrances will embrace you in a delicate mood.

Touch: To stimulate the sense of touch and exclusive massage tool has been exclusively crafted for Yutaka massage. Made from Imari Nabeshima porcelain, by artisans. This superior quality massage tool is exceptionally smooth and is applied warm to the skin for an exquisitely relaxing effect for both skin and senses.

*Prices valid from Monday to Friday, excluding legal holidays. **Prices valid during weekends and legal holidays.


1H 30MIN | 825 RON*| 910 RON**

A luxurious massage combination using both the expertise of the therapist hand and the smoothness of the porcelain massager immediately begin to soothe, the relaxing scent and sound complete the sensorial experience resonating with all senses.
YUTAKA Facial Treatment is FUTURE SOLUTION LX at its best, in which customers can fully experience its world and benefits.

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Pilates Cadillac, the machine that created a hype everywhere in the world because of its numerous health benefits and the large variety of exercises it offers to all ages and abilities is now also available at Shiseido Spa!

It is equipped with leg, arm springs, push through, and roll back bars and this allows you to do some of the most advanced and acrobatic moves.

Many of the movements help clients achieve lean, muscular tone for arms and lengthen hamstrings without putting pressure directly on the legs. This helps clients feel the exercises differently and connect to their inner power.

We want everybody to experience the inverted hanging pike and 180 degree inversion! These require tons of core strength and focus. Many exercises done on the Cadillac are energizing and help clients open up the hips and shoulders. Stronger biceps and taking pressure off the neck and spine are just added bonuses!

Pilates Cadillac Classes, with appointments in advance: Monday – Friday 08:00 – 22:00 Saturday – Sunday 08:00 – 21:00

*Prices valid from Monday to Friday, excluding legal holidays.

**Prices valid during weekends and legal holidays.

Individual Sessions

1 session | 170 LEI | 1 time availability
10 sessions | 1450 LEI | 8 weeks availability
20 sessions | 2550 LEI | 12 weeks availability

Private Group Sessions (max 3 participants)

1 session | 135 LEI | 1 time availability
10 sessions | 1200 LEI | 8 weeks availability
20 sessions | 2000 LEI | 12 weeks availability

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