8 March 2022

Radu is a physiotherapist, fitness trainer and personal trainer.
He graduated from the National Academy of Physical Education and Sports, specializing in Physical Therapy and Special Motor Skills, and a master’s degree in Physical Therapy in cerebrovascular diseases.
Being a high-performance athlete, he then attended the courses of the National Center for Training and Improvement of Coaches with the specialization Fitness – Bodybuilding.
Over time, he has also graduated from Sports Injury Specialist, Biomechanics Specialist, Personal Fitness Trainer – National Exercise & Trainers Association S.U.A .; Youth Fitness Guidelines and Program Design, Pre- and Post-natal Fitness: Physiology, Biomechanics and Programming – American Council on Exercise and Courses Strength Coach – International Strength & Conditioning Institute.
He was part of the competence evaluation commission within the National Authority for Qualifications – Bucharest, accrediting fitness instructors, aerobics.


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