A special oasis for daily escape!

Stejarii Country Club is conceived as an inversion of the famous Central Park, creating a link between the surrounding calm environment and the turmoil of the city. Located in the Baneasa Forest, in the heart of a green and tranquil area and away from the capital’s noisy and crowded atmosphere, yet still a 20 minutes drive away from the city center, Stejarii Country Club extends on an impressive area of approximately 50,000 mp2.

Combining a generous variety of services, the Club creates a warm and distinctive setting that harmoniously blends sports, relaxation, and wellness services, tailored for a wide range of needs. As a member, you have access to a variety of customized services and packages both for yourself and your family.

Mission and values


We believe in a world where sports and an active lifestyle encourage people to overcome their physical and emotional boundaries in order to fulfill their own ideals, as well as the ideals of the community. We want Stejarii Country Club to become the hotspot of an active and dynamic social community for which a healthy lifestyle is not only a basic principle, but also to be an oasis of inspiration, trust, socialization and relaxation for our members. Our promise is to offer memorable experiences and a wide range of services designed to meet your individual needs of sports, entertainment, relaxation and wellness and to always exceed the expectations of our clients.



Built in the middle of a beautiful woodland covered in lavish flora, Stejarii Country Club provides various indoor and outdoor sports as well as leisure facilities for both adults and children, with a special focus on creating and strengthening social and business networking. The moments spent at Stejarii Country Club combine the passion for sports with the need for self-enjoyment. The Club’s clients benefit from sports activities at the highest level (tennis, aerobics, cycling, swimming, squash, kickboxing, karate kyokushin), relaxation by the pool, an Energy Bar where fresh fruits and vegetables can be enjoyed in delicious drinks, a small, colourful children friendly area where kids can have fun and develop their creative potential (Kids Club) and fast access to the services of the only international Spa in Romania (Shiseido Spa). The complex community has constantly developed throughout the past 6 years since the Club’s official opening, tailoring extra benefits with our customers in mind: from personalized premium services as well as periodic events that facilitate interaction with other clients (sports events, cocktail type events occasioned by big annual holidays: Easter, Christmas or the change of the season – spring and autumn party). Thus, Stejarii Country Club aims to represent a center of interest not only for sports lovers, but also for social gatherings with friends, family or business partners for interesting thematic activities specially designed for children and important events in the community. We strive to maintain and promote our reputation of being the best Family Club in the country, offering family-oriented and diversified leisure opportunities. At the same time, we are constantly and proactively improving our services to ensure you benefit from the social and recreational experiences offered. We promote the Complex both on the Romanian territory and abroad, with the objective of positioning Bucharest on the tourist map of Europe and making Stejarii Country Club a top attraction for foreign visitors, thus contributing to placing Bucharest on the wish list of tourists interested in discovering the treasures of Eastern Europe.

Our values


We ensure to treat all our clients, guests and staff with respect and integrity.


We strive to constantly provide the highest standards in terms of facility quality and services.


All policies and practices adopted by the Club, as well as our activities, relate to the whole family, as Stejarii Country Club aims to offer both adults and children unique experiences.


We want to provide our clients a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere and the sense of belonging to a community with whom they can share common hobbies and interests.

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With an innovative design, the complex provides integrated sports, wellness and hospitality services in a distinctive environment, with a significant impact on social and business networking.