At Stejarii Restaurant, we believe a menu is not just a menu. But a collision of tastes, ideas, techniques and stories, all knitted into an eclectic international menu that redefines the notion of “gourmet”. Our fine gastronomy represents therefore a journey in time, from yesterday to tomorrow, the love for traditions, crafts, and the contemporary, towards a place simply called pleasure – landmark pleasure.


The seasonality our products allows us to create exclusive culinary creations that incorporate the fresh, distinctive flavors of wild fruits, nuts, berries, seaweed, herbs, wild mushrooms and luxury truffles into our dishes.


The variety of fish and seafood on offer is astounding and to capitalize on its diversity, we source our supplies from a range of independent and commercial fisheries across the world. All of the lamb, beef, pork and poultry in our dishes comes from certified farmers who supply some of the best restaurants and are famed for their heritage breeds and high welfare practices.


An exquisite cold appetizer is our delicious crab salad served on a coriander-flavored avocado bed along with exotic Catalan vegetables bathed in bagna càuda. For the main course, don’t miss the sirloin steak cooked with truffles, Parma ham and Marsala sauce, a truly delicious specialty.


For fish lovers, choose a juicy dish that will draw your attention – salmon with oranges and vegetables cooked in Asian style, served alongside a delicious Mediterranean sauce. Finish the evening with one of the most delicious desserts offered by the Stejarii restaurant in Bucharest, such as a refreshing spoil of basil ice cream with chocolate fondant.


The dishes range from reinvented traditional to contemporary international ones, with a multitude of fusions that combine a world of tastes and flavors.

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We have a full range of bitters and cocktails to get you in the relaxation mood. This includes a large selection of gins, whiskey & bourbon, cognac, armagnac and vodkas to choose from, which you can enjoy separately or as pre- & post-meal drinks.

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