Kids Group Classes (included in the membership)

The passion for movement is learned from an early age. We invite you to discover group classes for children at the Stejarii Country Club, specially designed to meet the needs of the young ones, both in terms of harmonious physical development and the improvement of their coordination, strength and endurance. Each class will motivate kids  to overcome their limits, and the dynamic mix of physical exercise and fun moments will inspire their desire to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle.

Zumba (5-12 years)

Zumba is a dynamic workout on Latin-American music rhythms such as salsa, merengue, bachata and flamenco. It mixes dance moves, fitness exercises and fun in a unique way to keep children fit and load them with a lot of positive energy. The Zumba children’s classes at Stejarii Country Club are based on Zumba choreographies specially tailored to the needs of the little ones, as the cheerful choreographies and music games quickly transform these classes into their favorite lessons.

Zumba classes allow children to orientate towards a healthy lifestyle where movement is a central element. Because zumba is a group activity that allows them to move freely alongside the group of friends, they will perceive hours of aerobics as an exciting game that develops their coordination, balance, memory, creativity and discipline.

* Up to 25 children. Dance studio, 1st floor

Agility Kids

Movement is the main way children learn and develop in their first years of life. A child who learns to control his body from a young age will learn practical skills and develop his body mobility, so he may easily practice any type of sport later. The Agility Kids program has as main objective the harmonious development of children’s body through gymnastic, yoga and mindfulness
exercises, but also helps kids to relax and better control their emotions.

Aqua games (6-12 years)

A splashy bath swimming pool is often enough to bring enthusiastic smiles and a good mood to children. But when pool time is combined with various games and individual or racing swimming competitions, the laughter and the fun enhance, proving children memorable experiences. During the Aqua Games classes at Stejarii Country Club,  we’ll practice our swimming techniques, organize relay races and individual competitions. We only enlist children that are used with playing in the water and are familiar with basic swimming.

Up to 10 children. Indoor swimming pool.

*Registrations at Concierge.

**To participate in the classes, please register at the Concierge 24 hours in advance.

***Classes are supported for at least 3 registered children.

****Zumba, Aqua Games, Agility Kids, Yoga Family, Dance are free of charge classes only for members.


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