COVID-19 safety measures

As the quality of the services we provide is our main concern, and the health of our members is paramount, we assure you that we are taking all the safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Placement of special devices for disinfecting hands and shoes;

Epidemiological triage (specific form & thermometry);

Access in location based on previous scheduling;

Provision of protective masks;

Weekly staff testing;

Provision of protective equipment for our personnel ;

Relocation of our group classes, outdoors;

Permanent monitoring with automatic systems of the number of people from each area.


Strict disinfection measures

 Sanitization of all equipment after each use;

 Additional sanitization of all surfaces according to a predetermined schedule;

 Disinfection by nebulization during the night;

 Disinfection of robes and towels.

For your safety, please keep a distance of 2m from other people.

Please avoid using banknotes as much as possible. We recommend payment by card.

Wearing a mask inside Stejarii Country Club is mandatory, except for moments of physical effort during training, when we also recommend wearing a medical or non-medical mask to cover your nose and mouth.