Tennis is a complex sport that challenges you physically, mentally, and emotionally, as it involves force, reflexes, perspicacity, elasticity, and discernment. Maybe the most important aspect of the “white sport” is that it can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age, and its benefits to the body and memories are various, being considered as one of the healthiest sports activities by researchers.

The type of effort we expend when playing tennis is a mixed one that combines strenuous aerobic effort and anaerobic effort. Aerobic effort is extremely important in the fat burning process, improving cardiovascular health, and maintaining a high level of energy throughout the day. Anaerobic effort alternates short and intense moments of activity with periods of rest while you expect the ball to be returned by the opponent, aiding the body in effectively using oxygen levels.

Why choosing tennis

1.Improves reflexes and reaction velocity

Tennis helps you train your reflexes to be prepared to anticipate your opponent’s strike and to react quickly and forcefully in order to score. At the same time, tennis improves physical speed and physical strength due to the permanent physical effort that one exerts in the ball track, but also due to sudden changes in direction to stop the opponent’s attacks. The body becomes so much stronger and more flexible because you learn to synchronize your body with the position of your hands and feet in order to make powerful blows that bring you closer to victory.

2.Reduces stress and improves thinking

At the psychological level, tennis stimulates thinking, self-discipline, and increases confidence in your own strengths as you identify your tactical mistakes and learn to control them. The physical, emotional and mental stress generated by a tennis match solidifies self-control and discipline, helping you better cope with daily life stresses and solve problems you face even more efficiently, because tennis involves mathematical thinking (speedball, kick type, etc.) that has the potential to generate new connections between nerve cells in the brain, so you solve complex situations in everyday life, not just on the tennis court.

3. Provides the perfect dose of optimism

Tennis also has a positive effect on your daily mood. When practiced several times a week, with friends or during club competitions, tennis brings you many socializing opportunities and reloads you with positive energy and optimism.

Whether you choose individual or group training, our team of professional coaches work to improve participants’ skills by providing them with optimum playing conditions. Whether you choose to play indoors with Conipur Pro Clay slag or prefer the fresh air of the forest in the outdoor area, Stejarii Country Club will provide you with the best playing conditions and a team of well-trained coaches to handle your needs.


CONIPUR PRO CLAY is a slag system based on a layer of natural slag granules mixed with a polyurethane bonding agent, over which another fine layer of slag is added. The benefits of this system may be identified at the level of tennis matches, as it provides an exceptional playing area and reduces the risk of slipping during the game.

Tennis courts with artificial clay CONIPUR PRO CLAY from Stejarii Country Club provide playing conditions of the highest standards.

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*All prices include VAT.

**Payment to be made in RON at the BNR exchange rate of the invoice date.

***A single training session may be purchased in addition to a pack of 5, 10 or 20 sessions.

Service Number of sessions Availability Prices for members Prices for nonmembers
Individual lessons (available upon request) 1 session
10 sessions
20 sessions
1 time
1 month
2 months
500 EURO
900 EURO
Happy Hour 20 sessions

600 EURO





Sebastian has been practicing tennis from the age of 10 years old – he was part of the National Junior Team under 16 years. He gained a rich experience in juniors and seniors, national and international competitions (FRT; ETA, ITF), both singles and doubles. Currently, Sebastian is part of the tennis team at Stejarii Country Club, and his experience as a player and coach helps and motivates members to improve their level of playing. 




Vlad began his tennis coaching career in Romania, working with highly regarded professionals like Simona Halep, Camelia Begu and Monica Niculescu. He perfected his studies and professional training in the United States, where he taught at the prestigious Harvard Tennis Academy and held an assistant’s position at the Tennissmith Academy. In 2011 Vlad was captain of the Wichita State University tennis team and by 2013 he was employed as the head coach for the Brookhaven Country Club in Texas. Presently, Vlad is part of the Stejarii Country Club team of professional trainers and he is using his vast experience to help club members perfect their athletic abilities.




Alice started practicing professional tennis when she was 7, making herself noticed in national and international competitions for juniors. Multiple national champion in doubles, Alice graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Tennis specialization. As a member of the Stejarii Country Club team, she helps the members improve their playing techniques and reach the desired goals, by using all her sports knowledge.




Being passionate about tennis since the age of 5, Andrei has participated in national and international tournament both for juniors and seniors. He is also vice-champion for the junior team and was sparring partner for Alexandra Dulgheru for 2 years. As a teacher, Andrei aims to transmit his passion and tennis knowledge to his students. 

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