Challenge of the year 2020!

1 March 2020

Are you ready for the challenge of 2020? We are relaunching the CHALLENGE OF THE YEAR!

The challenges will take place every month, with different tests.

The tests are based either on time or on the number of repetitions in a certain interval.

Each member will receive a number of points for the score achieved at the current challenge / see regulation.

Each member has the right to challenge the number of times. wishes each month, the best time / highest number of repetitions being scored.

Every member has the right to participate in the challenges of each month.

The points accumulated during each month of participation will be gathered at the end of the year.

The member who accumulates the most points will be designated the winner.

The highest prize: 1 annual membership.

The test for the 1st of March:

The challenge: T isometric for the shoulders

The winning criterion: the best time wins at the same level with the shoulders: men 4-4 kg & women 2-2 kg.

Rules: If the elbows drop below the level of the shoulders, the clock will stop

Location: fitness room

Penalties: Failure to follow the rules of conduct implies repeating the test.

* Please see the rules here

Good luck!



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