Football is one of the most practiced sports in the world, being extremely popular amongst children due to the dynamism and energy that this team game generates.

Your child is a fan of great legends of the sport-king world, does not miss any football championship in front of the little screen or stadium and dreams of becoming a great champion? Bogdan Stelea Football Academy at Stejarii Country Club is the answer for fulfilling its dreams of glory! Weekly trainings are supported by the former goalkeeper of the national football team, Bogdan Stelea, as head coach and Alin Ienac and Andrei Badircea, Stejarii Country Club instructors with football certification, who will step-by-step guide the children on their road to fame.

Soccer play, like other team sports, offers a number of important physical and psychic benefits to the players. It is a challenging physical effort game, but it provides players the opportunity to improve their speed, physical and cardiovascular resistance, and the ability to co-operate with other team members for the best fighting strategy.

Why choosing football

1.Better health

Soccer helps children to correct and prevent spine deficiencies as well as it develops the vital organs. The 90 minutes spent on the field during a game constantly demand muscle effort, reducing body fat and improving the strength, flexibility and muscle tone of children.

2.Socialization and friendship

Another benefit of football is socializing with teammates and good mood, which are very important for the young players’ early age. When the whole team collaborates for a common goal, the bond of emotional attachment and friendship that kids develop with each other develops their personal ability to interact more easily with others.

3.Increased analytical and cooperative capacity

It should not be forgotten that football requires analytical ability, because players need to understand the specific strategy and spatial arrangements. Cooperation is an important part of football games, which is achieved when the whole team works efficiently.


Football is a game where a mistake of one of the players can lead to the loss of the match by their own team, so football games require increased attention for details from all those on the field. A moment of inattention, a faint pass or a strategic error may change the outcome of the game, so children who play football will learn the importance of individual discipline in everything they do.

Bogdan Stelea Football Academy

Bogdan Stelea Football Academy at Stejarii Country Club aims to initiate children in the secrets of this sport, in order to develop their sports qualities (strength, speed, vitality) and team work abilities.

The trainings will be supported by the former national team’s goalkeeper, Bogdan Stelea, as main coach and Alin Ienac and Andrei Badircea, Stejarii Country Club’s instructors with football certification.

AGE: 6 – 9 years old

WHEN: September 17th, 2018 – November 30th, 2018

SCHEDULE: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday – 4 PM – 5:00 PM

PARTNERS: Nike, Sport Loft

*All prices include VAT.

**Payment to be made in RON at the BNR exchange rate of the invoice date.

Service Number of sessions Availability Prices for members Prices for nonmembers
Football Academy -
1 month
2,5 months
100 EURO
250 EURO
120 EURO
300 EURO





Alin began his involvement in sport from the very young age of four. He started with swimming and by age 8 he started focusing on team sports like basketball and handball. At age 14 he began his professional career at the “U Cluj” rugby team, which he continued until he turned 18. His experience taught him the importance of discipline, teamwork and determination. After quitting professional athletics for a while, Alin gained 30 kg in weight. Thus he enrolled for the courses of the Babes Bolyai Physical Education and Sports Academy in Cluj Napoca, where he broadened his experience with sports like: swimming, track and field, fitness, cycling, ski and tennis. In 8 month, with the help of a steady diet, he was back to his old weight. After finishing University courses he enrolled for a Master’s Degree in Training and Sports. Since then he is an avid supporter and practitioner of crossfit. His personal motto is: “Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits!”




With a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, specialized in Sports and Motric Performance, Andrei first took contact with sports at age 6 practicing football until the age of 20, at the highest level of performance. He continued his care as a Personal Trainer because his objective is to make people get in the best shape. Motto : ” Impossibile is Nothing “

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