Monday, March 19th, from 6:30 PM, at Stejarii Ballroom I, you’re invited to meet yourself!

19 March 2018

Come to a Real Yoga session with Val Voicu to know yourself in the deepest way possible, beyond thoughts and own misconceptions, without relating yourself to material stuff. Real Yoga is just 5 to 10 % about physical exercise . It’s mostly meditational practice to cool your mind, realx and become conscious about your state of being.

For a complete experience, during the 2 hour session you’ll also learn breathing tehniques and specific Yoga poses.

Val Voicu has over 23 years experienced in Hatha Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Raja Yoga and Bhakti. He spent a lot of time time in India during the past few years, training with well-known masters from Rishikesh, Punjab and southern part of Himalaya. His classes’ main objective is the deeply understanding of Yoga, both theoretical and practical.

The participation fee is 90 lei.

Details and reservations at Spa’s Reception: (+40) 744 332 286


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