Sports Academies & New group classes for children

9 September 2018

At Stejarii Country Club, September comes with lots of energy and fun sports opportunities for the little ones! We invite you to discover our Sports Academies (Tennis, Swimming, Karate Kyokushin & Kickboxing) as well as the new group classes for children, specially designed to meet the needs of the young ones, both in terms of harmonious physical development and the improvement of their coordination, strength and endurance.


The goal of the Sports Academies at Stejarii Country Club is to form good athletes that will perform in their favorite sports area. This way, children will be learning to consciously channel their daily energy and exceed their own limits. Whether kids practice sports as a hobby or at a professional level, the Academies’ classes develop in a balanced manner their motric qualities (speed, strength, mobility, coordination, and agility), aiming to develop the character and imposing an active and healthy lifestyle.


Playing tennis assumes to meet both physical and mental challenges. Children will acquire complex technical skills, coordination, speed, agility, flexibility, but also social and teamwork skills.


Along with being a lifesaving skill, swimming is a social exercise which also provides one with a great way to keep in shape. It is an excellent cardiovascular workout that promotes heart and lungs health, improves strength, balance and posture.

*Available only for members.


Karate combines all of the benefits of the traditional martial arts (discipline, courtesy, self-control, confidence, character, teamwork and focus) with all of the benefits of an effective selfdefense program (increased awareness, safety and practical self-defense).


Kids naturally love to move. Why not take advantage of their innate urge to jump? Kickboxing is the perfect workout for children to get better balance, power and agility, but also a good exercise for self-defense and muscle building. Also, kickboxing trainings is an exciting way to add more fitness into kids’ life, providing them an environment that builds self-confidence.

**Available for members and non-members.



Zumba classes feature kid-friendly routines based on original Zumba choreography. It helps to develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fitness as a natural part of children’s lives by making fitness fun. (Max. 25 children. Dance studio first floor.)

DANCE (7-12 years)

Dance classes for children at Stejarii Country Club combine various dance styles to make the little dancers fully enjoy movement, develop their creative side and spend free time in an educational and entertaining way. Kids with a good sense of rhythm will be successfull at dance classes, as they require dancers to develop their own moves to the music.

MOVE AND BALANCE (5-12 years & 9-15 years)

Movement is the main way children learn and develop in their first years of life. A child who learns to control his body from a young age will learn practical skills and develop his body mobility, so he may easily practice any type of sport later. The Move and Balance program has as main objective the harmonious development of children’s body through gymnastic, yoga and mindfulness exercises, but also helps kids to relax and better control their emotions.

YOGA (7-12 years)

Yoga for children is a motion therapy that develops kids’ nervous system and improves both coordination and balance. If practiced frequently, this type of training fights against obesity, develops physical strength, flexibility and resistance to effort and increases the power of concentration of the little ones, while charging them with positive energy.

AQUA GAMES (6-12 years)

Aqua Games means having fun in water! We’ll practice our swimming techniques, organize relay races and individual competitions. We only enlist children that are used with playing in the water and are familiar with basic swimming. (Max. 10 children. Inside pool.)

***Available only for members, free of charge. Sign up at the Concierge.

**** Zumba, Aqua Games, Yoga, Move and Balance, Dance are free of charge classes only for members.


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