26 June 2018

Lacramioara, a young graduate of the Kinetoherapy Faculty from the National Academy for Physical Education and Sports, started her activity during the faculty years, managing to acquire a considerable experience. She started working with pregnant women as far as body care and gymnastics is concerned, but the desire to learn as many things as possible made her take part in different courses and trainings, managing to become part of the Shiseido Spa as therapist. 


Sports Academies & New group classes for children

At Stejarii Country Club, September comes with lots of energy and fun sports opportunities for the little ones! We invite you to discover our Sports Academies (Tennis, Swimming, Karate...

Discover Swimming Academy at Stejarii Country Club!

IMPOSSIBLE IS ONLY TEMPORARY. MAKE EACH DAY YOUR MASTERPIECE. For children, swimming is one of the most enjoyable forms of physical activity, due to the long time spent in the pool, which...